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Academic Enrichment 

      Making connections between the sports that children love and STEM is an amazing way to teach complex concepts through concrete experiences. Our diverse mix of activities gets kids excited! For example:

Physical Science

  • How does a baseball player release a 100 mile fast ball?

  • The flight path of a figure skater takes a parabola.

  • A skateboarder waits his turn - potential energy. Wheee! Kinetic Energy as he flies down the ramp!

Life Science

  • What joint does a ballet dancer use to turn out?

  • Sing a song to learn the difference between Abduction and Adduction

  • In a volleyball strike what muscles do you use?

Earth & Space Science

Tennis in space? Come play a Space Sports Science game!

  • Is Gravity different on the moon?

  • Dive for the ball on Mars. How would you measure Absorbing Force?


The worlds of sports and technology continue to merge. Our activities take students well beyond basic computer skills and into exploring hands-on technological literacy. For example: students sit up and pay close attention when their favorite athlete talks about "Hawk-eye" a computer and camera system which traces a ball's trajectory.



Children learn to collaborate as a team as they work through the 5 stages of engineering process. Get the team and brain working with activities such as:​

  • Design the fastest speed skater uniform ever

  • Test a lighting system that reduces glare for night time race car drivers.

  • Build a skate board ramp that people flip over.

  • Ask sports fans if they like your retractable roof​.



  • What angle would you kick a soccer ball to hit a top shelf goal?

  • What are the statistics of your local Baseball team?

  • Calculate the difference between the gold and silver medal winners.

Enjoy the glide, the balance,

the formula, the process.

Accelerate understanding now!

Theories and formulas can get confusing. Sports make it real.